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Listen, People

on 2023 March 13

Here’s a link to my new book! If this topic speaks to you I hope you will read it.

4 responses to “Listen, People

  1. Apparently Kindle hates me:

    [it said the preview was unavailable]

    unless this is from Amazon US?

    I had wondered if it was on other places like

    or maybe even Scribd

    or indeed that psychoanalytic press I discovered in February last year.


    Listen, people is a really important book!

  2. starlys says:

    The book is not out in Kindle yet – please check back in a couple weeks!

  3. ishandanna says:

    HI Star,   We can’t find the link to your new book, can you send it to us via email.   Thanks, Ish and Anna.

  4. starlys says:

    The wordpress intelligence hid the link! So I edited and here it is again:

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