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Getting to independence

That there are several paths from living with your parents to independence. I visualize it like a canyon and you’re on one ledge and have to jump the chasm to the other ledge. For a lot of people, they are getting support from parents now, and they might be able to visualize having a job and supporting themselves some day, but they can’t eaily see the path from here to there. For autistic young people, the problem is compounded because some of the typical assumptions about this transition may not work as well for us.

Looking across the chasm, wondering how will I ever become independent.

So, I made some pictures to represent three possible paths. The first path is to go down and climb up the other side by working jobs starting with babysitting, mowing lawns, McDonalds, and so on. You might live in a crummy apartment shared with other people and make minimum wage, but you eventually climb the ladder and build skills and a resume, and move up. That concept is shown here: Read the rest of this entry »

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