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Letter from concerned citizens on the Metro Transportation Plan 2025

To: Chairman Abraham, Members of the MRCOG Metropolitan Transportation Board

As a small group of planners and concerned citizens, we drafted the following comments on the MTP 2030 to urge you to improve the direction that the planning is taking.

Why is the MTP important? Hundreds of pedestrians and motorists are maimed or killed in vehicular accidents every year. Increasing traffic congestion lengthens idle time and accounts for millions in lost productivity in the region. It’s time to get a firm grip on safety, congestion, air quality, noise, global warming, and other complex issues of transportation, growth and land use.

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) covers the allocation of one of the region’s largest flows of public money. If we are to have any hope of meeting the fundamental goals of our cities, we need to steer this massive flow of money more expertly, so that it flows into creating solutions, not into more problems. Read the rest of this entry »

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