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Ailanthus Meadows Intentional Community

(This is satire!!)

Purpose: The mission of Ailanthus Meadows Community (AMC) is to enhance global change through personal commitment to the peace, justice, and harmony.

History: AMC was founded in 2004 by Crystal and Ian. The community started out and has remained at four members since inception. The adult founding members participated in a Lifelong Commitment Ceremony (LCC), showing their solidarity with the Global Family by acting as a local reflection of global values. This laid the foundation for the future of AMC.

Lifestyle: All members of AMC share income as one economic unit, and live communally in one house. All adult members may have sexual relations with each other, unless one of them is having her period, in which case relations may be delayed by a few days. We currently practice nonserial monogamy, as opposed to serial mono-, poly-, and other forms of gamy. Work is shared according to Marxist principles. Decision making is by consensus.

Status: AMC is not accepting new members at this time, but welcomes intercommunity relationships with other communities and their members.

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