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Piano music

Here’s some piano and choral music I wrote over the space of a couple months. I never wrote any before so it was a sudden surge of creativity.  My favorite is Water; in fact it felt enough and I stopped composing after that. Also Serenade for Modern Distances is pretty lovely.

  • Summer in Shunk – This is where we spent summers when I was little, in Pennsylvania.
  • Too Long Walk – This song was for a Quaker gathering where I forced a group of Jr High kids on a too long walk.
  • Village Dreams – Like everyone else, I wanted to live in an intentional community in the country and milk cows, and this dream didn’t happen (yet). So I wrote about it.
  • Serenade for Modern Distances – Relationships over long distances – sound familiar?
  • Quieted Hunter (intro and vocal score) – SATB song about hunting for my true self. No one seems to get this, because my psychic life is unique. Emily is my cousin, and it is not about love or relationships.
  • Water (intro and vocal score) – SATB, This one is also complicated to get, but it’s about the drone. (Note from 2009: also read my other personal blog posts to get a sense of the meaning of this.)
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