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Contracting Game – Jr High curriculum

on 1993 March 1

The Contracting Game is a pilot six-week curriculum developed by Ian Ford for trial offering at Powderhouse Community School in Sommerville, MA April through June 1993.

Over the course of six weeks, students will carry out various kinds of work on a contractual basis. Students will be responsible for organizing into groups and competing against other groups for a limited number of projects. They will write proposals that aim to get the contracts. The teacher, who acts as the contracting agency, may award multiple contracts for the same work or no contracts at all for a particular project, depending both on the quality of the proposals and the available budget. Student groups then carry out the work by their own design and initiative, and write a final report. If the work meets the initially stated objectives, the students receive compensation for any financial expenses including modest salaries.

See attached 21-page pdf: 19930301ContractingGame

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